No more classes in Glasgow…

Katie’s taking over the Monday class, from 5 Sep

After four brilliant years teaching at Hillhead Sports Club, I’m moving on.

It’s been a total pleasure to get to know you all, to teach you yoga, and to have a bit of fun every Monday and Wednesday night.

I thought I’d be ok about leaving you, before I told you all in class the other week. Then without warning I couldn’t really speak, all choked up, ready to cry. I’ll miss you all a lot. Thank you so much for coming to class – for those few sunny sessions out on the grass, and all those dark nights with rain lashing at the windows.

Thanks for coming even when we had the youth dance championships going on next door, with the dance teacher yelling at those poor kids. Thanks for coming even when it was cold out and the sofa was, like, comfier than it had ever been. Thanks for showing up each time, because every time you did you gave me something really special. Thank you.

What happens with payment?

If you still have classes on your block of six, then come to class tonight, Wednesday, and Monday 22 August if you can. If you still have some left over, email me by the end of August and I’ll make sure they get transferred to Katie’s list, to be used in September. Any questions? Get in touch!

And that’s it. Like a snail heading off into the dawn, it’s goodbye from me. xxx

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