I got hooked on Vinyasa Flow because of the freedom of movement it offers, and it’s capacity to open up and respond to deep rhythms in the body. Plus it makes me feel wonderful. I make sure to cultivate this sense of rhythm in each of my classes, as well as introducing plenty of playfulness when it comes to exploring new routes for the body.

Whether they’re sweaty and powerful or undulating and meditative, my classes are thematically arranged to focus on both the physical aspects of yoga practice (hips, hearts, backs) and the mental ones (gratitude, contentment, mindfulness and so on).

Teachers and Training:

Rebecca Ffrench, Yoga London.

  • My original vinyasa flow teacher who first taught me to practice, then taught me to teach.
  • Teacher Training: 200hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga

 David Swenson – does he even need a link?

  • Ashtanga Yoga 40hr intensive study of the foundations and teaching techniques of the Primary Series.

Scott Johnson, Stillpoint Yoga London

  • My Mysore teacher in London, trained with John Scott.

Looking for a yoga class in Glasgow? Head over to the yoga classes page.

Copyright © 2014 Galen O’Hanlon.

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