Dynamic yoga classes in Hyndland

Whether you’ve never done yoga before or you’re a regular on the mat, whether you’d like to deepen your practice or open up those first few movements, I can teach you posture sequences and breathing practices that can range from the fiery and powerful to serene and meditative.

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Hillhead Sports Club, 32 Hughenden Road, G12 9XP


MONDAYS 7:15pm to 8:15pm

Open class, all abilities welcome.

WEDNESDAYS 7:15pm to 8:15pm

Suitable for regular yogis who’d like to go a bit further. Read all about the new class here.


Six classes – £30 (valid for eight weeks)
Drop-in – £7

Private Classes

Private classes will enhance and accelerate your learning. I can tailor each class to specific areas on which you’d like to work – hips, abs, shoulders, backs, and so on – and together we can delve into the minutiae of alignment in each pose. Or we can move in broad brush strokes towards a much bigger view of the whole system of synchronising breath and body and mind. Whether you’re looking for a workout, chillout, or a balance of both, we’ll find a moving meditation that feels right.

Classes can be one to one, or for small groups (Up to four students). Suitable for men and women of all ages and abilities. Call, email, tweet, or facebook me for more details.

Contact me for more details

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