I’ve been practicing yoga for nearly four years. I began back when I was running six miles a day, and could feel my body seizing up. I couldn’t touch my toes. Then after a few months of chicken-legged down dog and hip-high pigeons I could feel the openness creeping into my body. I started going to a few classes, and then more classes, and then a few more classes. I felt fitter, happier, calmer and more creative. So I kept it up throughout my finals at university, escaping from the library to the mat as a way of hitting pause on a mad crush of thoughts and anxiety.

Now I offer that opportunity to hit pause, to release the mind and body from their well-worn tracks, and to discover new movements and sensations with a sense of playfulness on the mat.

With this sense of a playful approach to an ancient practice, my classes find heat in breath, grace in movement, and stability in posture. Moving fluidly through the sequence is as important as pausing at the poses themselves.

Looking for a yoga class in Glasgow? Head over to the yoga classes page.

Copyright © 2014 Galen O’Hanlon.

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