Listen in and do what feels good

I was gonna cycle to Largs and round Cumbrae today. Got as far as Paisley in the wind and the rain and the traffic, then I laughed and turned back.

Glasses in the rain small

What’s this got to do with yoga? Well, my intention was to enjoy myself and have a nice time. That wasn’t happening, and it didn’t look hopeful. Yeah I could have carried on and pulled through and then convinced myself I’m a hero for having a miserable time trying to read road signs through rain-soaked glasses, but I’m not training for anything except happiness, and I’m not that interested in exercise as punishment.

Same with yoga – it’s about the challenge, of course, but it’s also about knowing when to give it a rest, knowing when to take a different route with the same intention. Life’s too short to spend hours and hours doing something only for the feeling of having done it. Better to listen in and do what feels good. I came home, cleaned my glasses, put the kettle on, and I’m sitting in lycra making my way through my napsack of snacks. Ain’t that a fine image.

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