Cycling round Arran: hills and headwind

Seal, otter, sunset There was a gasp. A seal coming up for air, a couple of metres from the shore where we sat. We were watching the sky go pink over Brodick bay, at the tail end of a long day’s cycle round Arran. It was the kind of rare winter sunset that sets everythingContinue reading “Cycling round Arran: hills and headwind”

Why you should almost definitely come to class on a Wednesday

Here’s the answer, straight up: the Wednesday class is awesome. It’s just like my Monday yoga class, with a couple of extra poses and a more intense focus on a specific area: backs, shoulders, hips and so on. And throughout February, if you come on a Monday, then the Wednesday one is free. Read on for more details.Continue reading “Why you should almost definitely come to class on a Wednesday”

Yoga for Christmas: make a meal of it

Some people get excited about presents, or Love Actually, or going home to see the cat. Some get super excited about twinkly things and things in red and green and white. Some people look forward to seeing old friends, some even look forward to family. Everybody loves a bit of mulled wine. Most of all,Continue reading “Yoga for Christmas: make a meal of it”

PODCAST: 60 minute vinyasa yoga sequence

Can’t make it to my yoga classes in Hyndland? Here’s a 60 minute yoga podcast for your delectation. It’s a regular, keep-you-going, no bells and whistles type of sequence. Simple, graceful, good for all levels. Of course, feel free to modify wherever you like – this should be a starting point, not a prescription. MostContinue reading “PODCAST: 60 minute vinyasa yoga sequence”

Yoga for charity – Monday 25 August

On Monday we’re doing yoga for charity! All the money will go to EMMS International, which improves healthcare in Nepal. Suggested donation: £5-£10. Bring cash… One of our Monday regulars, Linda, is going to cycle 350km across Nepal in November for EMMS. We’re going to help her fundraise for the charity, and it’ll be a special yoga forContinue reading “Yoga for charity – Monday 25 August”