Prizewinning microadventure!

So this kind of fits in with yoga – because the spirit of yoga is all about adventure, right?

For the summer solstice Jen and I went off on a micro adventure, sleeping out under the stars in Kent. I wrote a blog about it, and that blog won a prize from Al Humphreys, the man behind the microadventure idea. You can find out more about micro adventures, and the other prize-winning posts here.

Anyway, here’s the first part of the blog. Read the rest over on my Medium page

The stars, the hill, and the bears: a summer solstice microadventure

‘We’re going to sleep out on the hill tonight,’ I said, over breakfast.

‘Oh right. Yes. Lovely. I’ll look for the tent then.’

‘No. No tent mum.’


‘Yeah — it’s called a microadventure. You skip into the wilderness for a night, without a tent. Just the stars, the hill, and the bears. We’ve got bivvi bags. It’ll be fine.’ Pleased at how confident and capable I sounded. How hard can it be? ‘It’s the solstice, too,’ I said, looking out at the grey skies and rain.

Our microadventure happened to coincide with a trip home to Kent for the weekend, to see mum and the dog. The dog was in high spirits, having just found a mouse that the cat had left in the garden.

Nelly with a mouse

I wasn’t quite sure how this microadventure thing was going to fit in the weekend plans. We live in Glasgow, and I don’t see mum very often, so we had to squeeze the adventuring into the same space as family catch-up time. But that’s the whole point of a microadventure — that it fits in with everything else perfectly, if you want it to. So we took mum and the dog to see our camping spot. This involved a walk. The dog was just a bit excited.

Read the whole thing on Medium

Thanks for the prizes Al!

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