Classes on pause from 5 to 21 July, and other news

Yogalen cat pose

Holidays // cat pic // mats // home practice // new classes

Here are the crucial bits, your YOGALEN news in brief:

  1. I’ll be away for two weeks, 5-21 July.
  2. Cat picture.
  3. Four yoga mats tested
  4. How to practise at home
  5. NEW classes at Activ Tailored Fitness from 22 July.
  6. Straps and blocks now available on Tuesdays

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Yogalen cat pose
Learning sphinx pose from one of my most treasured teachers: Guruji Cat.

2 thoughts on “Classes on pause from 5 to 21 July, and other news

  1. Hello. Is it okay to come and join your class after your holidays? It would be the Monday evening class
    Fiona McLeod

    1. Hi Fiona- yes please do come along! Sorry to be so late in replying, but the internet was so slooow and unreliable that I couldn’t get on here to reply!

      See you on Monday 🙂

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