Yoga for Christmas: make a meal of it

Some people get excited about presents, or Love Actually, or going home to see the cat. Some get super excited about twinkly things and things in red and green and white. Some people look forward to seeing old friends, some even look forward to family. Everybody loves a bit of mulled wine. Most of all,Continue reading “Yoga for Christmas: make a meal of it”

Yoga for charity – Monday 25 August

On Monday we’re doing yoga for charity! All the money will go to EMMS International, which improves healthcare in Nepal. Suggested donation: £5-£10. Bring cash… One of our Monday regulars, Linda, is going to cycle 350km across Nepal in November for EMMS. We’re going to help her fundraise for the charity, and it’ll be a special yoga forContinue reading “Yoga for charity – Monday 25 August”

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my yogi sent to me

Twelve long breaths Eleven downward dogs Ten active toes Nine sun salutes Eight elbows to knees Seven breaths in pigeon Six-ty minutes of music Five boat poses Four forward folds Three deep twists Two side stretches And a moment to sit down and breathe. See you on the mat this January. First class 6 January, 7:15 pmContinue reading “On the twelfth day of Christmas, my yogi sent to me”

I’m back. With a tan. Time for YOGALEN: The Bronze Edition.

Yeah! Classes are BACK ON I’m back in the country and all my classes are on as usual, starting from Monday 22 July. I’ve spent two weeks in the sun and the sea, and I can’t wait to get teaching again. So pack your yoga stuff and get ready for YOGALEN: the bronze edition. I’veContinue reading “I’m back. With a tan. Time for YOGALEN: The Bronze Edition.”

Classes on pause from 5 to 21 July, and other news

Holidays // cat pic // mats // home practice // new classes Here are the crucial bits, your YOGALEN news in brief: I’ll be away for two weeks, 5-21 July. Cat picture. Four yoga mats tested How to practise at home NEW classes at Activ Tailored Fitness from 22 July. Straps and blocks now availableContinue reading “Classes on pause from 5 to 21 July, and other news”

Find your soul mat: 4 sticky mats tested

The problem with most yoga mats – even the ‘sticky’ ones – is that they aren’t that sticky. You get to maybe the third downward dog and the thing’s slippery as eels. You find yourself doing that awkward thing of walking your hands backwards while trying to look all still and strong and comfortable. AndContinue reading “Find your soul mat: 4 sticky mats tested”

Workshops are the best thing, like Star Wars

I love going to workshops. You get to spend way more time picking apart certain aspects of yoga practice, you get to do lots of fun partner work, and you come out feeling elated and exhausted and like you’ve done something super productive with your day. But the best bit – better than playing aroundContinue reading “Workshops are the best thing, like Star Wars”

Why should you BYOM?

That’s Bring Your Own Mat, btw. Don’t have one? Well here’s the definitive guide to rectifying the sorry situation you’re in. But wait, you might be asking yourself why you should have your own mat in the first place. You might be doing  fine on the ones at the gym, you’re not that fussed aboutContinue reading “Why should you BYOM?”