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I was basically heartbroken when I realised the newsletters from this year were in danger of slipping off into the unknown depths of the internet. So here they are, salvaged, in all their glory. If you like reading them and can’t imagine what you’d do if you missed one, subscribe here, then add to your address book and relax.

What have you got for lunch then?

Looking forward to lunch? I am. Especially today, because my Wednesday and Thursday lunchtime yoga classes are on, beginning today 12.30-1.20 p.m.

If you’ve packed leftovers, a sandwich, whatever, it can wait. Give your day a proper boost and fill up on yoga this lunchtime.

There’ll be a mix of intelligent sequences and dynamic movement to get the circulation going. We can work on easing those office-sore backs and releasing tight shoulders. Then there’ll be a little mindfulness-based relaxation at the end to give you space and rest in the middle of your day. Read more.

Sprinter? New season, new classes

Cheep cheep! Yep I heard them too – the birds are singing, the days are longer and the big question in life is whether it’s time to shed the winter coats and go frolicking into the summer grass. Note to self, not quite yet. The sun might be out, but the wind is brutal. In fact this spring has been so wintery that maybe we should just call it Sprinter.

Anyway, spring or no spring, I’m a yoga teacher not a weatherman and I know for sure that the yoga flow continues to bring sunny spells across Glasgow.

This month’s big news: I’ve got a whole bunch of NEW classes at a new studio in Woodlands, starting on 24 April. I’ll be teaching Wednesday and Thursday lunchtimeclasses, and two Thursday evening ones. Continue reading…

Easter bunnies and yoga buddies

Firstly, yoga doesn’t stop for any Easter bunnies. All my classes are running as usual over this weekend, so come along and justify those mini eggs.

Also this month, when you’re sick of Easter bunnies you can try yoga buddies instead. The yoga buddy system lets you get a half price class if you introduce a friend to one of my classes. Read on for more info.

Also this month, there’s a blog about yoga for the office, which could be just the thing to get you past the 3.30pm slump. And there’s news from the Introduction to Vinyasa Flow Course. There’s still time to catch the last three of those wednesday classes and go deeper into your practice. Continue reading.

February: New Class / Beginner’s Course

Whoa it’s basically March already. Spring is so nearly here, and it’s the perfect time to ramp up the frequency in your yoga practice. Which is lucky, because I’ve got two exciting new developments this month, as I launch a Tuesday evening  vinyasa flow class in the West End, and a Wednesday Beginner’s Yoga six-week course in central (right by Central station, in fact). Both run from 6-7 p.m., and it would be excellent to see you there. Read on for more details. 

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