I’m back. With a tan. Time for YOGALEN: The Bronze Edition.

Yeah! Classes are BACK ON I’m back in the country and all my classes are on as usual, starting from Monday 22 July. I’ve spent two weeks in the sun and the sea, and I can’t wait to get teaching again. So pack your yoga stuff and get ready for YOGALEN: the bronze edition. I’veContinue reading “I’m back. With a tan. Time for YOGALEN: The Bronze Edition.”

Why should you BYOM?

That’s Bring Your Own Mat, btw. Don’t have one? Well here’s the definitive guide to rectifying the sorry situation you’re in. But wait, you might be asking yourself why you should have your own mat in the first place. You might be doing  fine on the ones at the gym, you’re not that fussed aboutContinue reading “Why should you BYOM?”

Newsletters are here!

I was basically heartbroken when I realised the newsletters from this year were in danger of slipping off into the unknown depths of the internet. So here they are, salvaged, in all their glory. If you like reading them and can’t imagine what you’d do if you missed one, subscribe here, then add yo@yogalen.com to yourContinue reading “Newsletters are here!”

Yoga for the Office

So you love yoga and you’re a super high powered office type with NO TIME to get to class today. You love the idea of doing a bit of yog to spruce up the day, but don’t want to look like a total weirdo as you’re doing it? Yeah me too. So I’ve put together aContinue reading “Yoga for the Office”