Laura’s teaching Mondays while I’m away

YOGALEN and Laura doing titibasana or firefly pose

I’m off to Greece for two weeks on Sunday. You still get yoga on a Monday though, because Laura’s covering the classes on 1 and 8 September.

There won’t be a class on Wednesdays.

Laura teaches a lovely dynamic style, and she’s super friendly and caring, so you should definitely get these two dates in your diary. Oh and she’s LOADS of fun, look:

YOGALEN and Laura doing titibasana or firefly pose

If you have a 6- or 12-class pass:

Laura will have a list with your name and how many classes you have left in your block, so she can tick them off. If you don’t know how many classes you have left, send me an email this week and I can tell you.

If you normally pay as you go, or you need to buy a new pass:

Give Laura the money. It’s £7 drop-in, £30 for six, £55 for twelve. If you don’t have the right change, the guys in the bar downstairs should be able to sort you out.

Phew! So what do you need to do?
Get your name ticked off, and pay for a class if you need.


I’ll be back to teach class on 15 September – see you then!

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