Yoga for 2016

Happy New Year! Yoga’s back on from Monday 11 Jan, 7:15 to 8:15 pm. No planned outages this month. I hope you all had a great Christmas and Hogmanay. I spent mine walking in the Peak District and eating fistfuls of honey roasted cashews. I also went on a microadventure: you can read about that below.Continue reading “Yoga for 2016”

Why you should almost definitely come to class on a Wednesday

Here’s the answer, straight up: the Wednesday class is awesome. It’s just like my Monday yoga class, with a couple of extra poses and a more intense focus on a specific area: backs, shoulders, hips and so on. And throughout February, if you come on a Monday, then the Wednesday one is free. Read on for more details.Continue reading “Why you should almost definitely come to class on a Wednesday”

Yoga for Christmas: make a meal of it

Some people get excited about presents, or Love Actually, or going home to see the cat. Some get super excited about twinkly things and things in red and green and white. Some people look forward to seeing old friends, some even look forward to family. Everybody loves a bit of mulled wine. Most of all,Continue reading “Yoga for Christmas: make a meal of it”

Laura’s teaching Mondays while I’m away

I’m off to Greece for two weeks on Sunday. You still get yoga on a Monday though, because Laura’s covering the classes on 1 and 8 September. There won’t be a class on Wednesdays. Laura teaches a lovely dynamic style, and she’s super friendly and caring, so you should definitely get these two dates inContinue reading “Laura’s teaching Mondays while I’m away”

Three steps to doing yoga at home

I’m going away for two weeks from 30 August to 15 September, but that doesn’t mean your regular yoga practice has to stop. Follow these three steps to start practising yoga at home. 1. Make space You don’t need a home studio, you just need a spot big enough for your mat and your armsContinue reading “Three steps to doing yoga at home”

I’m back, classes are on, and a tip: you don’t need a travel mat

  I’m back from an awesome trip away, but it’s been TOO LONG, right? Yoga classes are back on, starting tonight 7:15-8:15pm in Hyndland. Can’t wait to see you all there! And the photo bit: I went away for ten days, but I didn’t take any yoga paraphernalia. You don’t need a travel mat, youContinue reading “I’m back, classes are on, and a tip: you don’t need a travel mat”

No yoga on 23 July, 4 and 6 August. All other nights as usual.

I’m going away in early August to climb trees, so there won’t be any yoga classes on these dates: Wednesday 23 July Monday 4 August Wednesday 6 August All other Monday & Wednesday classes as normal until September, when I’m away again for two weeks from 1-12 September, but I’ll email you about it closer toContinue reading “No yoga on 23 July, 4 and 6 August. All other nights as usual.”