Why you should almost definitely come to class on a Wednesday

Here’s the answer, straight up: the Wednesday class is awesome. It’s just like my Monday yoga class, with a couple of extra poses and a more intense focus on a specific area: backs, shoulders, hips and so on. And throughout February, if you come on a Monday, then the Wednesday one is free. Read on for more details.

So what’s the difference?

The Monday class is truly open – and I invite total beginners to dive in, right next to the people who’ve been coming to my classes for the last two years. I keep Mondays quite general. I give you a foundation in the sort of yoga that appeals to me: a all-round good-time flow.

For the Wednesday class, I don’t spend so much time teaching the basics – but if you know your way around a sun salute, you’re all set. And you should come give it a try.Yoga mat green puppy dog

Problem: ‘it sounds hard’

Maybe you’re scared. You reckon the Wednesday class is for ‘professional yogis’ (whoever they are). And part of that is my fault – I thought my original explanation of the class was sort of inspirational. Turns out it was just a bit off-putting. And I’ve managed to confuse a lot of people, and scare everybody into thinking it’s not for them. Which is a bummer, because the last thing I want to do is make anyone feel like they aren’t good enough to do yoga.

You have a body. You have a brain. You breathe. You can do yoga. In fact, the more you do it, the more you get out of it. It’s as simple as that. Wednesdays are not about some sort of grotesque contortion. I’m not a drill sergeant. It’s challenging, yes – but then so is the Monday class. And you love that one, right?

Solution: do a Monday class, get the Wednesday class for free

Yoga twice a week is 100% more awesome than yoga once a week. Your muscles haven’t had time to stiffen up again. You see a bit more of the pattern. Savasana, the bit where you lie down at the end, is super good.

So here’s the offer: come to a Monday classes in February, and get the Wednesday one free that week. And that’s for everybody.

See you on the mat!

Check the times of all my Glasgow yoga classes here



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