Yoga for charity – Monday 25 August

On Monday we’re doing yoga for charity! All the money will go to EMMS International, which improves healthcare in Nepal. Suggested donation: £5-£10. Bring cash… One of our Monday regulars, Linda, is going to cycle 350km across Nepal in November for EMMS. We’re going to help her fundraise for the charity, and it’ll be a special yoga forContinue reading “Yoga for charity – Monday 25 August”

Some things I learnt about Forrest Yoga at the Big Web weekend

I went to the European Forrest Yoga conference this weekend – the Big Web. It was in Peterborough, and anything that can draw 60 people from as far as Moscow and South Kensington to Peterborough has got to be kind of a big deal, right? Well, yeah. I was pretty psyched to be in Ana’sContinue reading “Some things I learnt about Forrest Yoga at the Big Web weekend”

Workshops are the best thing, like Star Wars

I love going to workshops. You get to spend way more time picking apart certain aspects of yoga practice, you get to do lots of fun partner work, and you come out feeling elated and exhausted and like you’ve done something super productive with your day. But the best bit – better than playing aroundContinue reading “Workshops are the best thing, like Star Wars”