Obreething: Graeme Obree and breaking world records with your breath

Imagine cycling for an hour with your lungs hanging out. Actually, imagine you’re running flat out for the bus, and it pulls away just before you get to it. So you run to catch it at the next stop, and you almost get there in time but it pulls away again. So you sprint –Continue reading “Obreething: Graeme Obree and breaking world records with your breath”

A double dose for Monday!

Woohoo! I’m covering April’s class at Hillhead Sports Club tonight. 6-7pm. Then teaching my reg’lar class 7:15-8:15pm straight after. So that’s like two hours fifteen minutes of potential yoga time tonight. It’s gonna be awesome, and you should definitely come. The first class will be using yoga to go deep into your core. The second will putContinue reading “A double dose for Monday!”

Find your soul mat: 4 sticky mats tested

The problem with most yoga mats – even the ‘sticky’ ones – is that they aren’t that sticky. You get to maybe the third downward dog and the thing’s slippery as eels. You find yourself doing that awkward thing of walking your hands backwards while trying to look all still and strong and comfortable. AndContinue reading “Find your soul mat: 4 sticky mats tested”

Saturday 10.30-11.30 @ MCY is cancelled

There’ll be no Saturday morning class this week because the room’s been double booked. And no classes in July because I’ll be away. Come say hi / bye in my other classes this week – and I’m covering a couple over the weekend. More details on FB – go like my page yeah? Have anContinue reading “Saturday 10.30-11.30 @ MCY is cancelled”

Workshops are the best thing, like Star Wars

I love going to workshops. You get to spend way more time picking apart certain aspects of yoga practice, you get to do lots of fun partner work, and you come out feeling elated and exhausted and like you’ve done something super productive with your day. But the best bit – better than playing aroundContinue reading “Workshops are the best thing, like Star Wars”