Pens out, heads down: I’m off on a training course.

In London. For two weeks, 10-21 February. It’s a 100 hour body module for yoga, so I’ll be studying anatomy, nutrition, and chakras – which are bit like pakoras, I think. The following classes will NOT happen: 10 and 17 February: Hillhead Sports Club 11 and 18 February: Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance 12 and 19 February: BBCContinue reading “Pens out, heads down: I’m off on a training course.”

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my yogi sent to me

Twelve long breaths Eleven downward dogs Ten active toes Nine sun salutes Eight elbows to knees Seven breaths in pigeon Six-ty minutes of music Five boat poses Four forward folds Three deep twists Two side stretches And a moment to sit down and breathe. See you on the mat this January. First class 6 January, 7:15 pmContinue reading “On the twelfth day of Christmas, my yogi sent to me”

Notes towards a handstand

I had a revelatory time on Saturday afternoon, spending four hours with Circus Space teacher Sainaa at a handstand workshop in Edinburgh. He trained as a gymnast from an early age, then ran away to the circus. He’s got a headstart on me, then – mostly I trained on battenberg from an early age, and ranContinue reading “Notes towards a handstand”

Class dates for Dec/Jan. Also, another CURREH.

The holidays are coming And I’ll be heading south for Christmas. The following days will be your last chance to get a bit of yoga in before the fug of mulled wine descends: Monday 16 December @ Hillhead Sports Club Tuesday 17 December @ SDTA, 101 Park Road Wednesday 18 December @ BBC The first class of 2014 will be on MondayContinue reading “Class dates for Dec/Jan. Also, another CURREH.”

Obreething: Graeme Obree and breaking world records with your breath

Imagine cycling for an hour with your lungs hanging out. Actually, imagine you’re running flat out for the bus, and it pulls away just before you get to it. So you run to catch it at the next stop, and you almost get there in time but it pulls away again. So you sprint –Continue reading “Obreething: Graeme Obree and breaking world records with your breath”