Yoga for Morning People

It’s called mysore for a reason: it’s all about my sore calves, my sore hamstrings, my sore  hips, etc. Even my sore armpits (who knew that could happen?). The background: I’m fresh from six days of early starts and a couple of hours of Mysore-style Ashtanga with Luke Jordan and Sonja Radvila before breakfast. IContinue reading “Yoga for Morning People”

Hotjooga: Finland’s answer to Bikram

I was in Helsinki recently and I was keen to get to the heart of the Finnish capital, to discover what really made it tick, to unearth its intricate history, delicate politics, and carefully designed social framework. Naturally I did this by booking into some yoga classes online. This would have been impossible without GoogleContinue reading “Hotjooga: Finland’s answer to Bikram”

Yoga for the Office

So you love yoga and you’re a super high powered office type with NO TIME to get to class today. You love the idea of doing a bit of yog to spruce up the day, but don’t want to look like a total weirdo as you’re doing it? Yeah me too. So I’ve put together aContinue reading “Yoga for the Office”

Ever hated chair pose? Try chair yoga instead.

This morning I went over to the Playbusters’ Women’s Group in the east end to give them a half hour taster of restorative yoga. It’s always rewarding to introduce people to yoga, especially when they all come round from savasana (we did a lovely 10 minute one) feeling like they’ve had a proper night’s sleep.Continue reading “Ever hated chair pose? Try chair yoga instead.”

Wait, yoga’s like clubbing now?

Oof! Today’s gonna be a busy one, and with no time to practise before lunchtime or early afternoon, it had to be early morning yoga. Yeah I know, early morning yoga and early morning clubbing are at different ends of the spectrum, but I reckon they overlap in more than just the time slot, soContinue reading “Wait, yoga’s like clubbing now?”

When yoga runs hamok

I’ve always loved hammocks, mainly because when I’m in one it makes it easier to imagine I’m sailing across an ungirdled ocean, taking a quick nap between duties as a pirate with a shiny cutlass and a pocket full of wormy biscuits. A nice arcadian rhythm, if you will, between running amok and running hammock. Unfortunately, yoga rules out allContinue reading “When yoga runs hamok”